Shadows & Shading by Jennie Black: Sat. 5/21 2-4:30PM

Shadows & Shading by Jennie Black: Sat. 5/21 2-4:30PM Jennie Black is coming to teach her Shading & Shadowing class with Copics.  She will go over several different tips on how to give your images dimension & life by adding shading & shadows.  She will guide you through coloring the same image three different times with the lighting source coming from different directions. You will also practice coloring on different shapes to see how the light effects them differently.  You will also learn the basics on how to use a light guide template to help put your shadows in the proper location.  This is a great class for anyone wanting to improve their coloring skills or basic art skills. Class is workbook & worksheet based.  No finished project will be done in class.  Color samples are included in your packet. Cost $30.00 (Please bring your copic markers labeled with your name on them otherwise you can rent a set for $5 (please bring cash if you plan to rent markers from Jennie).



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