Hello everyone

This saturday 9-4 & Sunday 10-4 is our Annual Patio Sale!

You don’t want to miss this. We have over 68 people who are bringing in their gently loved crafty items to find new homes for. Great deals and lots of great fun!

A lot of us make cards, I want to share with you something that was a “duh” moment for me. Our pastor sends out a newsletter, and in May he mentioned that between his wife’s birthday, and Mother’s Day he sure spent a lot at Hallmark. So, yes, duh, it occured to me, “why is my pastor shopping at Hallmark?”  I then looked in my craft room and gathered up quite a few cards, (and envelopes) – for many occassions, and took them to him. I also said he could feel free to share them with anyone in the office staff, other pastors etc. I will be taking more cards over in a few weeks for them as well.

How many of you have kids, or grandkids in school where their teachers and school staff could use some cards?  Anyone you are visting in a rehab center, hospital, senior home? Take some of your cards and drop them off there as well.  Going to your vet’s office? Doctor appointment? You get the idea.

With the holidays coming up, make up cards & envelopes to give to someone as a small gift, so they can send some out as well.

The greatest joy we have is to spread happiness and care to others. Those cards you love to make, those shouldn’t spend time in a box or drawer in your craft room. Send some out to friends, I love getting cards in the mail, it can totally make my day better.

Take a look at our calendar, see any spots on there where there is not a class or club?  those spots are for you to come in and use our classroom space to be creative. Give us a call to verify the space isn’t being used, and come on in.  Totally free of charge, of course, you just need a smile to get in 🙂

We want to thank all of you who come in and support our store, to those of you who take classes here, those of you who call to order products and class kits, and of course to our wonderful teachers!  We do what we do everyday because all of you make it fun and so worthwhile.


Have a great week

Walt & Roxanne



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