Sunday 9/10  1:30-4  Art Journal Club – FREE to everyone

We are going to be working on colors this week how to blend them and which ones go together, If you missed it or didn’t understand it when Dyan when over it. So please bring tags so you can makes swatches, the best ones are Ranger 6.25 x3.25″, you want the ones that have almost no color so you get the true color of the paint. Also if you have any of Dyan’s paint please bring it (make sure to mark them) we will try to have all the color, just please remember to be respectful of others things.

Roxanne said they shipped from Ranger & should be here on Thursday. So I hope you put your order in for the new paints, stamps, stencils, journal blocks, and stencils. If not you better call Roxanne and place your order things are going to go fast.



S o c i a l   M e d i a