Hello everyone

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We have a lot of fun going on at the store. Have you checked out our calendar lately? We have a large variety of techniques, surfaces, and teachers.

Someone came into the store last week, and commented on how many different types of classes we offer. Then she said, “I just wish I was talented and could make cards like these”

I invited her to our Friday crafting Friends, every Friday, and I hope she comes in to see how much fun it is to create something. There are days when people show up, without bringing in a project to work on, they come in for the socializing, or stop by to pick up something they ordered… and then notice they like something someone else is doing, and their creativity takes off!!  If you’re not feeling creative, or you are stuck on a idea to complete your card, come on in… we’re always happy to help.

And, to the lovely lady who came in, and said she wasn’t creative… I do hope you come back and “sit a spell” – we are always happy to give you that little tip or trick that works best for us!

“In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations”

We hope that you have a wonderful day, and week, and that you are blessed by family and friends who make you smile.


Take care

Walt & Roxanne







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