Hello everyone

Thank you thank you thank you!!  We were so overwhelmed by the amazing turn out for our first “make n take” shop small Saturday event!!

Saturday we had 114 make n takes, plus 9 lanterns (Thank you Ann) … can you just say “WOW!”

We had so much fun, make n takes, snack, treats and so much chatting, laugher and creating!  We also want to thank Vicky – who made the little hot dogs for everyone.

It was a great and wonderful day for both of us, and we are so excited that so many of you came out to support our store. We know that more and more stores of all types are closing. We are doing our best to stay open, to have fun events, great classes, new products and new companies here for all of you to enjoy. On a day that is called “shop small to support your local  family owned businesses”, you all came out and boy oh boy did that mean a lot to us.

Come in and check out the hand made truffles we are carrying for the holidays. handmade, here locally, no wax… can you say AMAZING!

We have  several classes going on this month that are designed to meet some of your holiday shopping needs. Great ideas for gifts for those special people in your lives.

If you are headed to the zoo friday… One of our customers has handmade gift card holders – San Diego zoo craft fair to be held Dec 1st 8-3. The craft fair sellers are all employees or volunteers at the zoo.  There will be a raffle at the end, money from raffle will fund equipment, enrichment, vet supplies etc requested by zoo personnel—things not covered in the yearly budgets. Fair is open to the public, there is back entrance at the side of the zoo where people do not have to go into zoo entrance to get to the fair, just ask ticket sellers.

Last year I taught a Believe canvas, it has been requested that we offer it again this year. I just put it on the calendar for Monday 12/11. It is not on the printed calendars. You can choose reindeer or santa for your canvas.  Sign ups have started.

This year for Thanksgiving, Walt and I – for the first time ever – did not have any of our children here. (Most of the will be here for Christmas)  If you don’t know, between us we have 5 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  We decided to have some Harley time and rode up to Ramona, the ride was peaceful, beautiful and certainly a time for reflection. Especially for me, as I ride on the back, so I can simply enjoy and not pay attention…  As we rode I really focused on all we have to be grateful for. There is so much going on “out there” that I think sometimes we forget to stop and just be happy.  As I was bring thankful for our families, I included so many of you in those thoughts. You come in, sit and chat, create, ask questions, share your creativity, and open up your life, your family and so much more to us. I am so thankful, and I do not take this lightly, for so many of you and the friendships we have developed together.

When we bought this store just over 2 years ago I had no idea how many of you would become friends that I hold close to my heart. I enjoy hearing your stories, sharing the joys and yes the sad times in your life. Your support, your caring and yes your hugs make our life full and rich and truly blessed.

So on this past Thanksgiving, we were able to get away, and truly celebrate the meaning of the day. Thank you for being in my head and my heart and being our friend!

I sent out 14 cards in the last week, how many have YOU sent out?  remember, they are beautiful when they are mailed out… not so much when  you put them in the drawer and leave them there.

Take care, have a wonderful and blessed week, and know that each of you matter to us.

Walt & Roxanne

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern



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