Hello everyone

Such a busy week, so many of you coming in to enjoy our Memorial Day sale, and yes, it is continuing on! I have added more items for sale, see below, it is time to stock up on the basics, and add some new items to your stash as well. 

I do have it on the calendar on June 9th, for a crafty night at the store. You can come in as early as 2pm, and plan on staying as late as 10pm. yes, you can bring snacks, dinner etc…  Please call the store to ‘sign up’ so we know we have space and tables set up for everyone. 

June 10th, we have a special guest teacher who will be teaching 2 different classes using washi papers from Hanko Designs. The pictures will be on the calendar over this weekend.

For those of you looking for the Ken Oliver classes, we had to move those to later in the year because of some scheduling concerns for Ken.

We have several technique classes on the calendar, Ann & I are both teaching fun techniques – check them out.

I am not sure what you are going to do on Memorial Day. I am planning on seeing a movie early in the day, “Book Club” and then BBQ-ing some kind of wonderful meat later in the day with family.

We will pause several times through out the day to be thankful for our family and friends who have served in the military. 

I hope that all of you are well,  take care and have a wonderful week.

Walt & Roxanne




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