Donate your gently loved items

Behavioral Health Services/NCADD is a unique and innovative program specifically developed to offer integrated approaches to substance abuse disorders. We provide a comprehensive program of education, counseling, and support services directed to promote lifestyle changes. Our Mission: To transform lives by offering hope and opportunities for recovery, wellness and independence.  Our Vision: we envision a comprehensive system of human services available and affordable to all through our model programs and a coalition of community partners.

We are excited to include Art therapy into our daily services, Art has the ability to inspire people and make them see things from a different perspective. Whether it’s painting a portrait, creating a card for someone special, journaling, writing a story or playing a piece of music, art stimulates the brain and encourages positive actions in people’s lives.

For those recovering from substance abuse, a creative form of self-expression can be an important step in sobriety. Through artistic expression, people are able to communicate thoughts, ideas or fears in a way that verbal communication is sometimes incapable of. They could even discover something about themselves they didn’t know.

Behavioral Health Services/ NCADD would like to thank “The Stamp Addict” and it’s owners Roxanne and Walt for their very generous donation of art supplies you have helped changed the lives of those suffer from addiction along with their families. We wish all the best in the future and God Bless you.

Deborah Hawkins, MSW

Program Director

You can bring your donation items to the store, they will pick them us from us.



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